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Aurelia (she/they) sprung from the mind of New York-born producer, vocalist, and visual artist Gabriella Bavaro, conjuring up a world of electronic and experimental music bolstered by an eclectic background of classical instrumentation, opera, and world-influenced rhythms.

The Aurelia project had been in development for the past 2 years, sparked into reality after a suicide attempt/hospitalization and a PTSD diagnosis that caused them to begin living on their own terms. Gabriella, who picked up Ableton and began songwriting in 2019, took to sound with fierceness and fervor. Released in November 2021, Aurelia’s debut single Wax was a success, with more than 200,000 plays online and ecstatic industry acclaim by the likes of, RiverBeats, and more. The video, which accompanied the release and was made on a $400 budget, was an official selection of the Indie Shorts Fest (part of the Lost Angeles Int'l Film Festival). It was nominated for Best Music Video, Best Director (Aurelia), + Best Original Composition in January 2022. 

In addition to their own work, Aurelia has also received writing/production credits for notable acts like Icarus MothMADI, and Ehiorobo, as well as larger corporations like Mercedez Benz + Coca-Cola for commercial work. 
 Both as a visual artist and producer, Aurelia has worked with an intent to use art as both a personal healing process and a way to illuminate darker issues that have more often plagued women and LGBTQ+ youth.


  • D2D management.

  • Release strategy.

  • Press release writing.

  • Music Video Direction, Production, Editing and Color

  • Photography & Ad Copy Creation.

  • Social media management.

  • Web design, from scratch w 3D elements.

  • Graphic design for one-sheets and promotional materials.

  • Live set visuals, ad copy, & music video editing. 

  • Ad targeting via Facebook & Instagram Ads, ToneDen, FFM


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October 2021

Wax (The Remixes)

Sinister Things

October 2022


March 2023

June 2022

Aurelia Releases



  • Press release writing & outreach (with Arielle Lana)

  • Paid Advertising (Copy & Targeting, FB & IG)

  • Media Strategy

  • Music Video:

    • Produced, Directed, Edited and Colored

  • Budgeting

  • Social media content and strategy


  • 200k Streams across all platforms

  • +330 Spotify Followers

  • +450 YouTube Subcribers

  • +2000 IG Followers


Press - Aurelia

Coded from scratch with interactive components for web (JavaScript Repository). All web design, written copy (Bio, Press Materials, Music Literature), and graphics created by Gabriella for Aurelia. Web site hosted by DreamHost. 

Aurelia Site

Photography / Media Planning / Merch / Graphic Design