Gabriella has worked in Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations for both local and national brands. Clients have been published in national publications such as The New Yorker, Reader's Digest, and more, as well as local publications (i.e.: Westchester Magazine WAG, Hudson Valley Magazine, and to name a few).

With experience in finer details of marketing across a variety of industries, including music, culinary, entertainment, hospitality, architectural and financial industries, Gabriella has developed a wide range of knowledge in all facets of marketing and public relations.


She has the experience of working both as an independent contractor and with larger marketing PR firms, giving her successful experiences as both her own manager and as helpful support in a group.


Gabriella's unending passion and steadfast work ethic has proven to prevail when faced with technical, monetary, or interpersonal challenges when it comes to her career, and has already built up a noteworthy resumé. 

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Artist Management & Arts Marketing