Gabriella has worked in Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations and Social Media Management for both local and national brands, artists, and foundations, independently and as a marketing associate at Buzz Creators INC.​​

With experience in finer details of marketing across a variety of industries, including music, culinary, entertainment, hospitality, architectural and financial industries, Gabriella has developed a wide range of knowledge in all facets of marketing and public relations.

Her intensive creative background has also enabled her to as a full scale independent media house for her artistic clients, offering PR and press packages complete with social media content, press photos and media plans. She has provided corporate and creative photography services to companies of all sizes, as well as select product photography for small businesses.

Gabriella has the experience of working both as an independent contractor and with larger marketing PR firms, giving her successful experiences as both her own manager and as helpful support in a group.



Clients Serviced
(Independent and Through Industry Firms)

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Publications Clients Have Been Featured In
(Through Gabriella's work and through her work with firms)