Gabriella graduated with a minor in Web Programming and Applications through NYU in 2020, and even during her time as a student was able to code full- scale projects and sites for far-reaching clients. Upon graduation, Gabriella had already coded a virtual reality experience for prominent artist-producer Icarus Moth (Work with Atlantic Records, Universal Music Group), as well as served as consultant for various commercial client websites of marketing firm Buzz Creators INC. She is currently developing the website of The Unplug Collective, a platform where underrepresented minorities share stories about mental health and body discrimination.


 Below are but a few examples of private clients for which Gabriella has redesigned, marketed, written copy, and designed interactive media. Clients below include Icarus Moth, nonprofit The Unplug CollectiveBroadway percussionist Sean Millman, as well as several modeling portfolios with models from MODA Model Management and Genesis Level Models. 

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Icarus Moth

Coded from scratch with Virtual Reality components for web sure (A Frame Repository). All web design, written copy (Bio, Press Materials, Music Literature), and graphics created by Gabriella with creative input from Nathan Miller (Icarus Moth). Web site hosted by Network Solutions. 


Icarus Moth is the sonic project of American electronic music producer, pianist, and sound engineer Nathan Miller. 
Born in Denver, CO and based in Brooklyn, NY, Miller's own work has spanned a formidable career, recording and touring with some of the most prominent independent acts such as Mothica, MEMBA, and Ehiorobo, in addition to work for Atlantic Records, Mercedes Benz, Deloitte, UMG, and others. His work under Icarus Moth epitomizes the new-age artist, with over 10 million plays on Spotify alone in addition to critical acclaim.


In the electric world of Icarus Moth, listeners are swept away with a myriad of instruments and influences, which have been praised and described as both“sensuous”and “upbeat”, “tribal-influenced” and “full-bodied”, by the likes of COMPLEX Magazine, Dancing Astronaut, and VICE among others. 
 Toeing the lines of musician and storyteller, Icarus Moth's development of ethereal pop soundscapes have a universality of tone which speaks to eons of experiences, both the highs and lows. 


The Unplug Collective: WordPress Transfer & Website Redesign

A full scale redesign of the Unplug Collective site. Transfer from WP to Wix. Added custom submit forms and popups


The Unplug Collective was founded by Amanda Taylor, a Jamaican student attending college in NYC. We are a team of Black college students dedicated to building community.


We are a platform where Black women and non-binary people have been sharing stories about body discrimination, mental health and more since 2019. We prioritize working closely with you to tell your stories because we believe that each of us holds tremendous power to educate and inspire.


Luke Aymon: Artist, Producer, and Production Studio

All web design, written copy (Bio, Press Materials, Music Literature), and graphics created by Gabriella with creative input from Luke Aymon. Site created in conjunction with Wix and Wix Corvid, with custom JSON-LD. Wix used so the client's other management team could access the "Blogs" page, launching later in 2020. 


Luke Aymon is an artist, music producer, sound designer, and songwriter based in Bellingham, WA. A Berklee College of Music graduate with a degree in Electronic Production and Design, Aymon has proved in all facets to be an experiment in the breathing human elements of music, and of the cultivation of unique sound. His work as both musician and producer has yielded a plethora of styles and sounds, ranging from his classical experiences as violist for the Berklee/Boston Conservatory Recording Orchestra and the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra, to his performance as a member of the Odua AfroBeat Orchestra, featuring Seyi CleggFemi Kuti’s bandleader. 

Aymon’s work as a producer has brought critical acclaim, with his self-produced EP “Origin & Terminus” likened to a "sublime creation" and “aural aspirin” by music critics. His latest work on Rachel Norman's acclaimed EP "Resist" received similar praise, dubbed a production of "elegant keys and a graceful setting of beauty and playfulness" (Take Effect Reviews).​  Norman also worked with composer/jazz pianist Jason Leonhard, guitarist Kris Wong of the Canvas Collective, producer/engineer Michael Abiuso of Behind the Curtains Media, and producer/DJ CLOCKWORKDJ for input and collaboration across the release" (BRASH! Magazine).

Sean Millman: Performer, Scholar Arranger, Coach

All web design and graphics created by Gabriella with creative input from Sean Millman. Site created in conjunction with SquareSpace with custom HTML/CSS and JSON-LD. 


Equal parts performer, scholar, arranger, and coach, Sean Millman is a New York-based freelance drummer, percussionist, and a Ph.D. Candidate in Percussion Performance, ABD at NYU Steinhardt.


Sean has performed with the Adelphi Orchestra, New York Repertory Orchestra, Amore Opera, New Conductor’s Orchestra, Patriot Brass Ensemble, Westchester Band, Lehman Community Band and the Ocala Symphony Orchestra. He has also played behind and alongside Joe Alessi, Stanley Drucker, the members of Sandbox Percussion, Lauren Worsham, John Miller, Joe Passaro, Victor Provost, and Andy Harnsberger, and at venues including Carnegie Hall, Symphony Space, and National Sawdust, along with a gala honoring Chelsea Clinton. Sean has played Off- and Off-Off Broadway at the SoHo PlayHouse, Gallery Players, and the Secret Theatre; career theater credits include Chicago, Next to Normal, Assassins, Les Miserables, Into the Woods, Matilda, Mary Poppins, Chess, Urinetown, Cabaret, Damn Yankees and A Charlie Brown Christmas.