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Gabriella is a digital artist, photographer, filmmaker, marketing manager, musician and producer.

 A cum laude graduate of New York University, Gabriella has worked tirelessly, both in the corporate and creative worlds, to provide the best for her clients, who have spread across a multitude of fields and facets.  Her introspective eye, as well as her penchant for light and color, has also led to some acclaim across multiple sectors.


They have been published internationally in over 20 independent beauty and fashion publications as creative director, lighting designer, and photographer.


Publications include Alternative Press, Vogue Italia, COMPLEX (US), DJ Mag (US/UK), Numéro Netherlands, and many more.  Gabriella's work as a director and video creator has been recognized by the Indie Shorts Fest (part of the Los Angeles International Film Festival) as well as Dam Film Fest 2023,  with nominations for Best Director, Best Music Video, and Best Original Song.


In their spare time, Gabriella also works on her own musical project, Aurelia.  A self-produced passion project that aims to blend a mix of classically-inspired visuals into a world of electronic and experimental music. The striking project, which has amassed over a million streams, draws on her eclectic background of opera, soul, and world-influenced rhythms.​In all facets, Gabriella presents passion in her work, telling a story no matter the cost. She hopes this, as well as her love of learning new skills, is reflected in their vast portfolio



Whether you’re looking for the perfect visuals for your brand, creative portraits, or an intimate boudoir session to remind you of the work of art that you are  -  I am your girl!

I am also available for weddings, family portraits, engagements, elopements and fine art sessions - as well as live music and events.

I refuse to niche down - it keeps me on my toes!

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