Gabriella is a digital artist, photographer, and music producer born and bred in New York. Her work as a photographer has received critical acclaim and to date she has been published internationally in over 20 independent beauty and fashion publications, as creative director and photographer.


A recent graduate of NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Gabriella completed a Bachelor's that integrates marketing, creative writing, journalism, and music and how each anthropomorphizes facets of emotion and other abstraction.


In the past 2 years, Gabriella has been working on her own musical project, which is a self-produced piece that aims to blend a mix of classically-inspired visuals (portraits of herself and others) with a world of electronic and experimental music that is bolstered by her eclectic background of classical instrumentation, opera, and world-influenced rhythms.


An avid classical scholar, Gabriella’s project, formulated under the moniker of “Aurelia” was a way to encapsulate Renaissance humanistic ideology, and the Plotinian ascent of the soul. Her creations, both as a photographer and producer, have worked with an intent to use art as both a personal healing process and a way to illuminate darker issues that have more often plagued women and LGBTQ+ youth. 


2021 will focus on Aurelia’s debut independently-released single, “Wax” which is self produced with collaborations from Sindrum. 


Aurelia will also unearth the beginnings of her first long-form work. “Epoch (EP)” which delves into the human consciousness via classical and ancient historical figures. This will be the first of many untold stories for Aurelia, and is planned to launch with self-funded and self-produced multimedia endeavors.