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Los Angeles, CA, USA

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  • Temporary d2d management 

  • Creative brainstorming and planning for music videos, 2022 tour, album release party, and other creative marketing initiatives.

    • (Event marketing, influencer outreach, competitive analysis research, release strategy, graphic design)

  • Intensive competitive research and brand strategy. 

  • Brand outreach for influencer campaigns

    • (Disturbia, Vitaly, SoundMind, etc.)

  • Photography and video content

    • (INCLUDING covers + print for Alternative Press + RockSound)

    • Official tour photographer (Summer 2022). 

  • Music Video planning/Treatments.

  • Creative marketing initiatives (giveaways, easter eggs, etc.)

  • TOUR: Head of Merchandise, Tour Photography, Meet + Greets, etc.

  • TikTok strategy

  • Web design (  (Optimized online presence (IG, YouTube, Spotify)

Social Media Content Creation

All web design and graphics done by Gabriella with creative input from MOTHICA + BMG.

Site created in conjunction with Squarespace fluid engine, with custom HTML/CSS  (glowing text)

and JSON-LD. 

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