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Just as a moth is naturally drawn to a flame, Icarus Moth is drawn to sound, developing a love for the sonic experience as a young musician and learning to produce at age 12 on the outskirts of Denver, CO. The name Icarus Moth is an adept reflection of both his innate ear and his desire to educate and pursue the development of sound, creating with only the sky as his limit.

His development of inventive soundscapes have ranged from the likes of jazz music, to country elements, to every kind of electronic music known currently. Using the desire for new sounds as his guide, Icarus Moth has created sensational works, including collaborations with prominent independent acts Mothica, MEMBA , and Ehiorobo, that have garnered more than 12 million streams on Spotify alone. He has swept listeners into a deep connective tissue of uncharted sound.


  • D2D management.

  • Release strategy.

  • Partnerships & sponsors.

  • Bio & press release writing & outreach.

  • Graphic design for one-sheets and promotional materials.

  • Photography.

  • Social media advisement.

  • Web design, from scratch w VR experience.

  • Live set visuals, ad copy, & music video editing. 

  • Ad targeting via Facebook & Instagram Ads, ToneDen, FFM


Perfect Outfit

  • Press release writing & outreach

  • Playlisting

  • Paid Advertising (Copy & Targeting, FB & IG)

  • Media Strategy

  • Music video creation

  • Budgeting 

  • Social media content

Budget: $300


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  • 300K + Streams on all platforms 

  • +2000 Spotify Followers

  • 12k+ YT Views +300 Subscribers

  • +2k Followers on social media platforms 

Slow Truth

  • Label outreach

  • Contract redlining

  • Coordinating PR Events for all 3 artists (IG Takeovers, Radio Shows, Discord AMA)
  • Paid Advertising (Copy & Targeting, FB & IG)

  • Media Strategy

  • Music Video & Spotify Canvas creation (After Effects)

  • ALL Static and Video assets (Premier, Photoshop, After Effects)

  • Social media content

IM Partnerships

Partnerships, Labels, & Sponsors



343 Labs



Amp Sound Branding

Coded from scratch with Virtual Reality components for web sure (A Frame Repository). All web design, written copy (Bio, Press Materials, Music Literature), and graphics created by Gabriella with creative input from Nathan Miller (Icarus Moth). Web site hosted by Network Solutions.

Merch Design, Pricing, and Store Setup

Includes Facebook & IG Marketplaces