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An integrated visual album of up-and-coming artist GEM, entirely surrounded by the work of The Divine Comedy’s Inferno, (Dante Alighieri, c. 1350) In collaboration with notable EDM producer Icarus Moth, master producer and sound engineer Luke Aymon, composer and guitarist Joe Asprea, and other New York artists and producers. Each song is meant to encapsulate a literal and allegorical understanding of each of the different circles of Hell as described by Dante in the historic epic, while also relating the universal feel of each level into a modern world of depression, desensitization, and mediocrity. Sounds of the album integrate a multitude of styles and genres, ranging from harsh metallic drums, to medieval musical modes and scales, and operatic vocals that float atop differentiated chaos.

Alabaster SkiesGEM
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ICE (Edit 1) (1).mp3GEM
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