Vintage Foundry Co. SS'20 Campaign

February 2020

“MetroGlam NYC” Catsuits (Catalogue Model)
November 2019

New York Fashion Week S/S 2020 (Runway Model)

September 2019

Metroglam x Ema Savahl Couture Launch Campaign

(Sponsored by Bottega Wines)

September 2019 

The Society Fashion Week S/S 2020 (Runway Model)

September 2019

Janique by K Fall Collection Campaign 

July 2019


Selly Djap “Trauma” Collection Campaign 

June 2019


Petals In The Sky San Francisco campaign 

Photographed by Grace and Shine Photography (Amazon Style)

April 2019


3rd Annual Women in the Arts Long Island (Headlining Runway Model)

April 2019, with coverage by the Long Island Herald


Rose Orelup 2019 fashion show (Runway Model)

February 2019


Lavazzon 2019 fashion show (Runway Model)

February 2019


Keehyun Kim - "Kuéne" 2019 fashion show (Runway Model)

February 2019

New York Fashion Week F/W 2019 (Runway Model)

February 2019


Game Room Studio launch campaign (Model)

Photographed by Patrick Brassard (Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar)

July 2018

Bee Apparel (E-Commerce Model)

July 2018


State Finalist in Miss NY USA Pageant 2019, with collaborations

and sponsorship from White Plains Hospital



SALYSÉ Magazine

October 2019

Vol. 5 Number 103, pgs. 54-65

SubUrban Playground by Julia Bavaro

Tacari Weddings

Fall 2019 


“The Briarcliff Manor” by Rebeca and Andrew Federico 

Elléments Magazine

September 2019

Vol. 2, Issue 3, pgs. 58-63

“Au Naturele” by Matt Coch

ELEGANT Magazine

September 2019

Vol. 62, No. 1,  pgs. 22-27

“Fall Foils” by Matt Coch and Andrea Santos

Picton Magazine: Special Beauty Edition

October 2019

Issue No. 301, pgs. 8-13

“Tinted Royalty” by Matt Coch

Féroce Magazine

September 2019

Vol. 7, pgs. 40-43

“Raw Shadows” by Brooklyn Theory 

Vertiqlè Magazine

September 2019

Issue No. 2, pgs. 70-74

"En Pointe" by Julia Bavaro 

Prolific Quarterly

Aug 9, 2019


“Straight from the Lens” by Jeff Kravitz


ONEDINE Magazine

Aug 25, 2019


“Femininity Against The Grain” by Reginald Dorms 


Picton Magazine

August 2019

Issue No. 226, pgs. 44-49

“Terra” by Daniel Hendrixx and Maggie Miller 


PRIME Magazine

July 2019

Vol. 59, Digital Cover

“Transformation of Trauma” by Chung Man Yiu


SHUBA Magazine

June 2019

Vol. 11, Issue 25, pgs. 24-28

“The Garden” by Julia Adele


Every Bride

May 25, 2019


“The Briarcliff Manor Inspirational Styled Shoot” by Rebeca and Andrew Federico 


The Briarcliff Manor video series

Role: Bridesmaid

Production Company: Ross Media

April 2019


State Champs “Frozen” music video

Role: Girlfriend (Lead) 

Production Company: Summer Daze Films

Director: Brian Cheng

September 2018


"Reverse"; Part of Boston 48 Hour Film Festival

Role: Lead

Director: Taylor MacMillan

June 2018


"6 mnths." 

Role: Lead

Production Company: Girls Wearing Fedoras 

Director: Melina Nakos

October 2017


SFX Film  "Femme Fatale" 

Role: Lead

Production Company: Girls Wearing Fedoras 

Director: Caroline Wang

October 2017