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Artist Management, Content &
Content Strategy

Gabriella currently operates as a freelance artist manager, content consultant + journalist, cultivating + covering the media and relations of artists with 300 million streams and counting, across a multitude of genres.


Clients included are MOTHICA (Rise Records, BMG), Icarus Moth (Monstercat), Capshun (Quality Good Recs/Phuture Collective), Ehiorobo (Grind Select, Monstercat), Popular YouTuber Alpharad/Ace of Hearts (2.8M Subscribers), Johnny Manchild + The Poor Bastards, Aurelia, and others.

Their work has spanned cross-platform strategies, in-person activations, influencer deals, and much more. Clients have been featured in Alt Press,, Trap Nation, DROME Magazine, LA Weekly, and more, as well as have had videos go viral in the millions across TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Gabriella has also designed and coded websites/interactive media for clients using web VR + 3D Components. (Capshun, MOTHICA, Icarus Moth, Aurelia).


Additionally, Gabriella is an internationally acclaimed photographer and director. They have been published in 20+ music and fashion publications.


  • Interim d2d

  • Social media consulting and research.

  • Creative brainstorming and planning for music videos, 2022 tour, album release party, and other creative marketing initiatives.

    • (Event marketing, influencer outreach, competitive analysis research, release strategy, graphic design)

  • Intensive competitive research and brand strategy. 

  • Designed new website and landing pages

    •  (Optimized online presence (IG, YouTube, Spotify))

  • Brand outreach for influencer campaigns

    • (Disturbia, Vitaly, etc.)

  • Photography and video content for album release and press features. Official tour photographer (Summer 2022).

  • Merchandise: Merch manager for Summer 2022 Tour w/ Coheed + Cambria and Alkaline Trio.

    • (Pricing, selling, shipping, setup, meet and greet planning)

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  • D2D management.

  • Social media management and content creation (TikTok, Instagram)

  • Release strategy & label outreach.

  • Press release writing & outreach (featured in, Trap Nation, etc)

  • Photography, editing, coloring, and full creative direction.

  • Web design, from scratch w 3D elements.


Icarus Moth

  • D2D management.

  • Release strategy (releases with Monstercat)

  • Partnerships & sponsors (Splice, Arturia)

  • Press release writing & outreach.

  • Photography + Graphic Design

  • Social media consulting.

  • Merchandise

  • Web design (from scratch w VR components).

spotify-wrapped-2019 (2) (1).jpg



  • Website design, from scratch with interactive components. 

  • Merchandise consulting.

  • Dropshipping setup.



  • Photography & producing. 

  • Guidance on branding/brand identity.

  • Joint release strategy and label outreach w/ Icarus Moth.

  • Releases with prominent electronic label Monstercat.

  • Social Media consulting and community management



Ace of Hearts

  • Bio writing.

  • Consulting. 

  • One Sheet Design.

  • Photography

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