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Ace of Hearts

aka Alpharad




Los Angeles, USA

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  • One sheet design. 

  • Bio writing.

Very few 25-year-olds have turned as many interests into passions, and even fewer are able to turn those passions into captivating and viral projects at every turn. 


Chemistry major-turned-viral sensation-turned-youtuber-turned-musician Jacob Rabon IV (otherwise known by his alias Alpharad), is one of those very few, and his audio-visual project Ace of Hearts is indicative of a rare and vibrant passion. 


While the LA based artist had always taken a liking to music, it was in late 2019 that  he finally penned his first two EPs, which, released without much promotion in 2020, have already amassed millions of streams online and are widely celebrated by fans. 


The project spans pop punk experimentation and lyrics that construct a cyclical narrative. Winding melodies and strong instrumentals pull listeners into a vivid world that is open to interpretation.


Now, Ace of Hearts is exploring all new genres and facets of sound on his upcoming album, to be released in late 2021. All signs point to continued success for Ace of Hearts, with a remarkable project that is telling of talent in the digital age.

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