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Gabriella Bavaro

Marketing Consultant, Social Media Manager, Photographer, and Front End Web Designer. 

Gabriella is a digital artist and media planner, musician, photographer, and recent graduate of NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, with a Bachelor's that integrates marketing, creative writing, journalism, and music and how each anthropomorphizes facets of emotion and other abstraction.


As a professional, Gabriella currently operates as a freelance web consultant, photographer, and press and content strategist, handling and cultivating the media and relations of artists with over 10 million streams, notably Icarus Moth (Universal Music Group), as well as charitable organizations like the Unplug Collective. In her time working in marketing firms, Gabriella has also served more commercial clients such as Heineken®, STICKY's Finger Joint, and others. 

In addition to freelance social media consulting and artist management, Gabriella is currently working on musical collaborations for her own project as both a vocalist and producer. With notable electronic producers and sound engineers Nathan Miller (Icarus Moth) & Marco Cesare (Koste, formerly Osza), as well as others, the experimental project aims to blend a mix of classical, electronic & soul influences pertinent to Gabriella's diverse heritage.

Outside of these endeavors, Gabriella is also a professional photographer and model, published internationally in over 20 independent beauty and fashion publications, and an actor (trained in the Meisner method at The William Esper Studio).


Gabriella strives to make her work immersive and visual, while taking a stand on social issues that matter to her and have strongly impacted her own life. (She was also a Miss NY USA 2019 State Finalist, and used the platform to advocate for mental health issues, domestic violence victims and destigmatization in conjunction with White Plains Hospital.)

Gabriella has often integrated her artistic work into her professional life, and attempts to master all aspects of a craft. She prides herself on her work ethic, her unyielding positive energy, and her empathy.









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